Five warning signs that your water heater needs help

In a modern home, water heater is something that is constantly relied upon on a daily basis if we want a long soothing and relaxing bath, hot shower, clean dishes and clothes, and so on. But the moment your hot water heater stops functioning well, you’ll begin to miss the level of convenience that your heating unit brings every day of the week. To avoid being stuck in a situation like this, we have prepared this detailed piece to show the top five warning signs that will let you know your hot water heater needs help.

Not enough hot water

Have you been noticing a shortage of time spent in the shower just because the hot water doesn’t run as long as it’s supposed to? Even if you aren’t so lucky enough to have a shower before your kid does; on a normal day, a hot water heater is supposed to provide sufficient hot water for two consecutive showers, which is the minimum.

There’s a monster down there

If you tend to always hear rumbling or boiling sounds in the lowermost area of your water heater, or you keep hearing sounds similar to that of pebbles or gravels rolling around? There is a very high possibility that there is a buildup in your heating units that needs to be thoroughly cleaned right away.

Relief valve leaking

Did you notice your relief valve constantly leaking? This means it has most likely been filled with deposits of minerals that might eventually block the valve off completely. In some cases, this results to an explosion of your water heater which would be a very drastic accident.

Check the supply valves

The supply valves of your water heater need to be fully operational and it should be free from rust or corrosion. If the supply valves get blocked, you will begin to notice a shortage in available hot water for shower, washing or other activities.

Is the water heater properly vented?

The venting of your water heater must be in perfect working condition and it should be attached securely, without blockage. A blockage can lead to faulty operation and of course, loss of efficiency. Also, if your water heater lacks proper venting, it poses a risk of carbon monoxide (CO) entering into your home, which isn’t good for you, your family, friends or guests.

A home appliance that is being relied on everyday requires constant preventive maintenance checks, the same way we check the vehicle we drive. You can call on companies that offer plumbing service for an inspection of the main operational systems in your home.