How to Clean your Flood-Damaged Carpets and Rugs

Flooding often leads to serious loss and damage of valuables such as furniture, floor coverings like rugs and carpets and electrical equipment which most times get damaged beyond repair. More often than none, flood victims give up on some of these valuables disposing them away not knowing that some of the can be repaired or used again if cleaned properly. A good example of materials that are still useable after flood incident are flood damaged carpets and rugs.

In a situation where there is a rug or carpet that has been damaged by flood, the action to be taken often depends on the source of the flooding. Cases whereby flood arose from a clean water under the basement seepage can be dealt with easily. Cleaning in such category of flood is often very easy.  However, in situations whereby the flood has been mixed with sewage, which automatically is contaminated, carpeting and rugs in such situations have to be thrown away completely basically for good health reasons. Carpeting and rugs in such situations are often contaminated with organisms that poses threat to the health of users. However, one may consider the quality and cost of the contaminated rug, such as large area rug or wall to wall carpeting and decide to spare the expensive cost required to clean up such rug or carpeting. But the tome, expense or even the health risk that could be incurred in such decision might be discouraging. There are companies that specializes in cleaning contaminated carpets or rugs. Such companies must be duly contacted to do the cleaning of the contaminated carpet or rug. The best method with which a contaminated rug or carpet is cleaned is thorough steam cleaning also known as hot water extraction. However, unlike contaminated rugs or water, carpets or rugs affected under floods of clean water, can be self-done.

Carpets that have been soaked in rain can also be decide on whether to clean or to discard. But in this case, such decision is dependent on the number of days the carpet or rug had been soaked. Carpets or rugs that have been soaked for over 24 hours are advised to be discarded. However, when they have only been soaked for 12hours or more but not up to 24 hours, they should be considered for cleaning either as do-it-yourself thing or a professional hand is being employed to do the cleaning. Carpeting should be dried quickly. This is to avoid the growth of mold which can lead to health related problems.  Such drying can be possible whether by spreading it under the sun outside or if it can be removed, a wet/dry vacuum system should be used while the air conditioner is turned on to circulate air, the  fans and  windows are to be opened  to discourage the potential  growth of mold leading to an healthy environment. A dehumidifier can be of great help while doing indoor drying but windows must be kept closed when dehumidifier is in use.