Five warning signs that your water heater needs help

In a modern home, water heater is something that is constantly relied upon on a daily basis if we want a long soothing and relaxing bath, hot shower, clean dishes and clothes, and so on. But the moment your hot water heater stops functioning well, you’ll begin to miss the level of convenience that your heating unit brings every day of the week. To avoid being stuck in a situation like this, we have prepared this detailed piece to show the top five warning signs that will let you know your hot water heater needs help.

Not enough hot water

Have you been noticing a shortage of time spent in the shower just because the hot water doesn’t run as long as it’s supposed to? Even if you aren’t so lucky enough to have a shower before your kid does; on a normal day, a hot water heater is supposed to provide sufficient hot water for two consecutive showers, which is the minimum.

There’s a monster down there

If you tend to always hear rumbling or boiling sounds in the lowermost area of your water heater, or you keep hearing sounds similar to that of pebbles or gravels rolling around? There is a very high possibility that there is a buildup in your heating units that needs to be thoroughly cleaned right away.

Relief valve leaking

Did you notice your relief valve constantly leaking? This means it has most likely been filled with deposits of minerals that might eventually block the valve off completely. In some cases, this results to an explosion of your water heater which would be a very drastic accident.

Check the supply valves

The supply valves of your water heater need to be fully operational and it should be free from rust or corrosion. If the supply valves get blocked, you will begin to notice a shortage in available hot water for shower, washing or other activities.

Is the water heater properly vented?

The venting of your water heater must be in perfect working condition and it should be attached securely, without blockage. A blockage can lead to faulty operation and of course, loss of efficiency. Also, if your water heater lacks proper venting, it poses a risk of carbon monoxide (CO) entering into your home, which isn’t good for you, your family, friends or guests.

A home appliance that is being relied on everyday requires constant preventive maintenance checks, the same way we check the vehicle we drive. You can call on companies that offer plumbing service for an inspection of the main operational systems in your home.


Flood is a major water damage occurrence, its effect have been known to cause a lot of negative effect to lives and property. It is one of the major natural disaster, flood victims need to be aware of how to ensure a safe clean-up process after a flood incident. The aftermath effects of flood incidents can often be more than the damage it causes when it occurs. If a proper clean-up process is not ensured, it could lead to potential health risk and bigger problems for flood victims. Sanitary Experts advises that both flood victims and residents of area where the flood had occurred should carry out a disinfection operation on all objects or materials that the flood has touched.  Two percent chlorine bleach solution with water is required for scrubbing down all hard surfaces and floors that the flood passed through, the chlorine bleach can be measured in two or three capful which can be added to the water needed for the scrubbing. Safety apparatus like boots and gloves are required to be worn by those who will carry out the disinfection.

Safety Health Precautions to be taken after a flood incident

  • Enter a flood damage room with care:  After a flood incident, different parts of the building get prone to fall, safety apparatus is need to be worn while entering a flood damaged room. Such safety apparatus may include head gear to avoid plaster falling over the head, safety boots to avoid stepping on nail.
  • All electrical equipment’s and gas should be turned off immediately:     There are potential risk of electrocution in rooms that have been affected by flood. It is important that when entering such rooms, rubber boots and gloves be worn in order to switch off all electrical appliances and gas to avoid any further complications.
  • Avoid allowing open wounds or scratches come in contact with the flood water;. Flood waters cannot be trusted as they are high chances that they have been heavily contaminated. Sewage is often transported to different places during flood incidents leading to a contamination of all areas touched by the flood. Wounds or scratches sustained during flood incidents should be treated immediately with tetanus injection.
  • Avoid edibles that have come in contact with flood waters:. Foods, drinks and other edibles that have been contacted by the flood should be thrown away. Flood waters are highly contaminated with bacteria. Also plates, spoons and other kitchen utensils should be properly cleaned and washed thoroughly with bleach solution and water.
  • Foods and other edibles that have been refrigerated should be checked once there is power outage;. Items kept in the freezer or refrigerator should be checked. Any item that have been defrosted either partially or completely should be thrown away.
  • Boil water before use either for drinking or cooking:. Once a drinking water is detected to have some offensive odor or unusual colour or cloudy, it is advised that the water be put in a rolling boil. Such water has to be boiled to one hundred degree Celsius before use for whatever purpose it is intended to serve.

Following these set of guidelines would afford one to have a proper clean-up process after a flood incident and most importantly avoid any further complication.


How to Clean your Flood-Damaged Carpets and Rugs

Flooding often leads to serious loss and damage of valuables such as furniture, floor coverings like rugs and carpets and electrical equipment which most times get damaged beyond repair. More often than none, flood victims give up on some of these valuables disposing them away not knowing that some of the can be repaired or used again if cleaned properly. A good example of materials that are still useable after flood incident are flood damaged carpets and rugs.

In a situation where there is a rug or carpet that has been damaged by flood, the action to be taken often depends on the source of the flooding. Cases whereby flood arose from a clean water under the basement seepage can be dealt with easily. Cleaning in such category of flood is often very easy.  However, in situations whereby the flood has been mixed with sewage, which automatically is contaminated, carpeting and rugs in such situations have to be thrown away completely basically for good health reasons. Carpeting and rugs in such situations are often contaminated with organisms that poses threat to the health of users. However, one may consider the quality and cost of the contaminated rug, such as large area rug or wall to wall carpeting and decide to spare the expensive cost required to clean up such rug or carpeting. But the tome, expense or even the health risk that could be incurred in such decision might be discouraging. There are companies that specializes in cleaning contaminated carpets or rugs. Such companies must be duly contacted to do the cleaning of the contaminated carpet or rug. The best method with which a contaminated rug or carpet is cleaned is thorough steam cleaning also known as hot water extraction. However, unlike contaminated rugs or water, carpets or rugs affected under floods of clean water, can be self-done.

Carpets that have been soaked in rain can also be decide on whether to clean or to discard. But in this case, such decision is dependent on the number of days the carpet or rug had been soaked. Carpets or rugs that have been soaked for over 24 hours are advised to be discarded. However, when they have only been soaked for 12hours or more but not up to 24 hours, they should be considered for cleaning either as do-it-yourself thing or a professional hand is being employed to do the cleaning. Carpeting should be dried quickly. This is to avoid the growth of mold which can lead to health related problems.  Such drying can be possible whether by spreading it under the sun outside or if it can be removed, a wet/dry vacuum system should be used while the air conditioner is turned on to circulate air, the  fans and  windows are to be opened  to discourage the potential  growth of mold leading to an healthy environment. A dehumidifier can be of great help while doing indoor drying but windows must be kept closed when dehumidifier is in use.

Restoring your Fire Damaged Property

We both know what fire, small or big, can do on a property. Fire damage is one of the most common concerns for homeowners and businesses across the country. Many people assume that installing fire sprinklers and fire alarms is enough to stop a fire from damaging property. Well, this is not true since the number of homes and businesses destroyed by fire across the country has been increasing over the years.

When a fire breaks out in your home or business, it’s vital that you contact a professional immediately to avoid further damage. Whether you’re dealing with an electrical fire or a kitchen fire, it’s important that you contact a professional fire damage restoration company as soon as the fire has been put out. Note that fire damage cleanup is a complicated process that requires not only technical expertise but also needs proper industrial equipment. It’s recommended to observe certain procedural responses as soon as a fire breaks out and start the restoration process.

Secure the damaged Property and Contact the Relevant Authorities

The first step usually involves neutralizing the source of the fire and making sure that the environmental surroundings are safe. It’s important that any persons that have been affected by the fireplace a claim with their respective insurance companies before any work commences. Fire marshals should also be part of the process to help in determining the safety of the property.

Assessing the Damage and Documentation

When evaluating the fire damage, the restoration experts will document the soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell. During the assessment, they will consider the condition of home appliances and furniture. The professionals determine which of your possessions can be restored for use and which ones need to be destroyed. If it’s your business that has suffered fire damage, the evaluation will be carried out through the value of the property and other work-related information.

The process of restoring your property commences only after a fire damage restoration plan is written or rather created based on the documented information. Note that this may take some time.

Securing the Structure and Dangerous home Appliances

Fire, small or big, often compromises the structures of property. You realize that working in an environment where the walls or roof of a home are compromised is dangerous. That’s why it’s vital for any compromised structures to be secured first. If there’s any dangerous appliance in the property, it should be secured as well.

Some and Soot Removal from your Home Appliances

What many people have never realized or tend to ignore is that fire damage is usually continuous. How is this possible, you ask? Well, the smoke, ash, and soot from the damage are usually corrosive to most surfaces. This is the reason why any appliances that have smoke or soot damage should be cleaned even as efforts to prevent damage to other items continue. Note that these appliances may need secondary cleaning and sanitization to remove the smoke smell.

Property Restoration

Restoring a property following a fire damage often requires minor repairs such as replacing the drywall, painting, or even complete reconstruction. A fire in business situation might require extensive physical restoration considering the many items in the working area compared to a water damage scottsdale home.

As mentioned, it’s important that you contact a reputable fire damage restoration company to help restore and secure your home. Despite the fact that the restoration process requires a considerable investment in terms of time and money, it’s worth it. Professional fire damage restoration experts are what you need when your home experiences a fire damage.